Gauge Restoration

We offer a comprehensive restoration and repair service from early Porsche 911 to 964 / 993.

We have 20 years experience in restoring Porsche gauges to original condition. We repair milometer’s from early 911 mechanical speedometers to 993 and 924, 944, 968 and 928, we have replacement gears for all Porsche models, both MPH and KM/H types.

Porsche 964 Gauge Restoration

A common problem with 964 and early 993 gauges is the original print on the gauge faces flakes off or becomes semi-transparent. We can restore these gauge faces to original specification. We can also refinish pointers to original specification as they fade over time. Outer bezels can also be restored by us including Carrera S metallic grey bezels. Glass lenses can also be replaced if they appear to be misting up around the edges, this is usually the plastic laminate bonded to the reverse side of the glass delaminating.

Porsche 911 T (1971) Gauge Restoration

These gauges have been fully restored except for the gauge cases which were not re-plated in accordance with the customers request. These gauges were tested then stripped down. The bezels were stripped and refinished, the gauge faces were reprinted to original specification and the pointers were stripped and refinished. The glass lenses were replaced and the plastic clock lens restored.

Porsche 911 RS (1973) Gauge Restoration

These gauges have been restored to the highest standard. The bezels have been stripped and refinished, the gauge casings have been restored. The movements and internals were tested and overhauled where necessary ,the gauge faces were chemically cleaned rather than reprinting and the faded pointers were refinished to the original colour.

Ford Mk1 Escort Switches Restoration

Full restoration service for Ford Mk1 Escort switches, rockers restored and re-printed, casings re-chromed and switch internals rebuilt.

Ford Mk1 Escort Mexico and RS Gauge Restoration

Plastic gauge binnacle molding restored to original Ford specification Mexico or RS